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January 27, 2017

Sixers Mailbag: Will Ilyasova be traded at the deadline?

Most times when I write the weekly Sixers mailbag, the post is only about four or five questions with lengthy answers. Let’s switch it up today and take as many questions as we can and answer them rapid fire (or as close as I can get to rapid fire).

The Dubs certainly won’t have a 3-1 lead to blow.

In a soccer-type move, Korkmaz is on loan from Anadolu Efes to another team in their league, Banvit B.K. In 20 games in all competitions, the 19-year-old shooting guard is averaging 14.9 minutes, 6.9 points (on 43-40-68 shooting), 2 rebounds, and 1.3 assists per game. Korkmaz has seen his playing time increase from about 10 to 20 minutes per game since making the move.

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My guess is that Ilyasova will be here throughout at least the end of the season, but there are good arguments for flipping him at the deadline.

If it was for Markelle Fultz? Sure. But if you look at Draft Express right now, Malik Monk, Jonathan Isaac, Lauri Markkanen and Frank Ntilikina are all available at those spots. Taking swings on two of those guys isn’t a bad scenario at all.

More than anything, Sacramento Kings losses. The Sixers will play the Boogies in the Pick Swap/Wet Floor bowl on Monday.

I like TLC’s potential. Let’s say he’s a significant piece off the bench and possible starter if the three-point shot can improve.

It’s hard to understate how bad the Lakers have been since December 1st. They probably aren’t going to catch Brooklyn, but they have to be the favorite for the second-worst record. Luke Walton made noise about not liking the Sixers’ tanking, but however you characterize it, his team has been a bottom-feeder for three straight years.

Mozgov’s contract is terrible and Noel is a solid young piece, but I’d still say yes. Swing for the fences. Maximize the chance to land another star-level talent.

Yep, and when it comes to team-building and allocating long-term dollars across the roster, weighing Holmes’ play might factor into the team’s decision on what to do with Nerlens Noel.

Turnovers, as he’s currently averaging 5.3 per-36 minutes. The good news is that I think a lot of this is very correctable with added experience. Cut out some of the offensive fouls, and he kills two birds with one stone (5.2 fouls per-36 minutes).

Um, no and no. I wrote about Sam Hinkie here. I think that he both did a good job and deserved more time than he got. Yeah, he can’t do this: 

Let’s take it a step further. There have been 16 seasons since 2001, and I ranked them by how much I enjoyed them.

16. 2009-10: Eddie Jordan. Enough said.

15. 2015-16: Year 3 of The Process showed that progress isn’t linear.

14. 2003-04: Chris Ford tried to get Allen Iverson to come off the bench. That didn’t go well.

13. 2012-13: BYNUMMMMMMMMM!

12. 2013-14: Tied the record with a 26-game losing streak, but hey, the first three games were fun.

11. 2005-06: So many bad Chris Webber jumpers. Remember when he and Iverson showed up late for Fan Appreciation Day?

10. 2014-15: Lost 17 in a row to start, but at least Nerlens Noel helped carve out a defensive identity.

9. 2006-07: Traded Iverson, missed out on a golden opportunity to tank for Kevin Durant.

8. 2004-05: Webber trade, drafted Iggy.

7. 2010-11: Doug Collins’ first year, made playoffs.

6. 2008-09: Elton Brand’s first year didn’t go great, but Tony DiLeo did a nice job taking over for Mo Cheeks midseason.

5. 2001-02: Squandered a decent chance to get back to the finals. Antoine Walker taunting the Sixers bench during Game 5 in Boston stunk.

4. 2007-08: Carved out an identity, with the two Andre’s (Miller and Iguodala) leading the way. Thaddeus Young had a nice rookie year.

3. 2002-03: Churned out 48 wins before A.I. hung 55 on Charlotte in the first game of the playoffs. After losing to the Pistons in the second round, Larry Brown resigned and immediately started coaching them in true Larry Brown fashion.

2. 2011-12: Struggled down the stretch before getting lucky against Chicago in the playoffs, but the “Night Shift” was rolling teams at the beginning of the lockout-shortened season.

1. 2016-17: For the first time since the Sixers actually made the finals, it feels like they’re actually building something. It feels like there’s room for upward mobility. And the No. 1 pick hasn’t even played yet!

That’s the value of a superstar. The Sixers just so happened to also get the most charismatic one in a long time.

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