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November 20, 2015

Soul food chef to feed the families on Sunday in Camden

Tasties' new restaurant will dish out hundreds of free meals to less fortunate

Community Service Thanksgiving Dinner
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Barbara Devan is chef and owner of Tasties soul food restaurant with locations in West Philadelphia, Germantown and Camden. The restaurant also operates a food truck.

Soul food meets Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday when a new Camden restaurant closes its doors to paying patrons and opens its heart to the city’s hungry.

Tasties dishes up "flavor for the soul" at restaurants in West Philadelphia and Germantown, and now a third location, at 1152 Haddon Ave. in Camden. For owner/chef Barbara Devan, her "Feeding the Families" events blend philanthropy and community support while helping the less fortunate.

The event is from 1 to 2 p.m at Tasties Soul Food Restaurant, 1152 Haddon Ave., Camden.

Devan said she wants to help out in Camden because it is needed.

“I started the Thanksgiving tradition because I felt the need to give back in a great way to my community. There are families in Camden that are truly in need. Poverty is still an issue that plagues this city,” she said.

Devan plans on giving away hundreds of hot meals “while spreading love, thankfulness, and holiday cheer.”

Tasties has shuttered the cash register at Thanksgiving time for the past two years. The restaurant's third annual "Feeding the Families" block party is scheduled for Thanksgiving Day in West Philadelphia.

Devan also operates a food truck in West Philadelphia.