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November 08, 2019

Streamline honors Founder Sean Schellenger by giving back to the community this holiday season

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Sean’s Helping Hands was created in the vision of its founder Sean Schellenger, who passed suddenly in July of 2018. As the CEO of Streamline, a tech-enabled residential development company, Sean believed that we have a social responsibility to strengthen and grow the communities that we impact, on a daily basis. The vision was clear, Sean understood that we are all a product of our environment and if he could use his position to create opportunity and build bonds in our neighborhoods, we will all grow together.

“Our goal is to use this platform set forth by Sean and partner with local organizations to promote wellness and nutrition by creating a footprint in our elementary schools”, said Linda Schellenger Executive Director Sean’s Helping Hands. “Creating mindfulness in our youth will help build a caring and strong future for our communities.” Sean’s Helping Hands hopes to accomplish this goal by introducing nutrition and yoga programs to our youth through after school programs funded by our caring supporters who want to see our neighborhoods flourish for years to come.

“I think it’s our obligation to be socially responsible and try to make sure that we’re giving back in the community that’s helping us grow our company”       -- Sean Schellenger, Founder & former CEO of Streamline.

Sean’s Helping Hands has naturally taken on Sean’s traits of selflessness and leadership to become a staple in the Point Breeze and South Kensington neighborhoods. Our most successful annual event has been the Thanksgiving Food Drive. We have provided a nutritional, hearty holiday meal for over 400 families in our community that may not have otherwise had the opportunity to share that meal with loved ones. This year we are targeting over 300 families in these communities. It is so important that the bonds we create in our community start within each individual home and gathering to share love over a meal with family is step one.

We have been very fortunate to have had the support of Sean, our annual volunteers and donors to make the Thanksgiving Food Drive a success. As we grow, we are looking to you to support this growth. We look to those who are willing to provide help financially to purchase meals and feed more families or offering your time to help gather and deliver the meals together with us.

If you are able to lend a Helping Hand this holiday season please join us at It is so very important to us all that we carry on and strengthen Sean’s vision and spread his love through the growth of our programs to benefit our neighbors.