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July 30, 2015

WATCH: Tebow performing intense leg workouts for training camp

Quarterback appears to be going all out in a video of training

Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow is performing a rather interesting workout in an attempt to improve his chances of making the squad. 

Tebow, who caused a media firestorm when his signing was announced in April, isn't a lock to be on the roster this year. Most projections have him as a fourth-string QB at best. 

However, that apparently isn't stopping him from trying. Working with Performance Enhancement Professionals in Arizona, which tweeted a video of Tebow working out on Monday, Tebow can be seen launching himself with his legs in what seems to be a testosterone-fueled version of a rocking chair. (h/t, Bleacher Report)

Tebow recently got the endorsement of Eagles linebacker Brandon Graham, who told a Detroit radio station that he thought the quarterback would make the team and play quite a bit (h/t, CBS Philly). If nothing else, Tebow appears to be molding himself into Chip Kelly's ideal athlete