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April 28, 2023

A Philly Party with a Purpose

On May 18 at Citizens Bank Park, join the celebration of the season at the Temple Health Acres of Diamonds Gala

Temple Health

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The Acres of Diamonds Gala is the can’t-miss Philly party of the spring.

One of the defining characteristics of Philadelphia is our special blend of tradition and reinvention. A bustling modern city built on the foundation of our 250-year-old nation. And when you think of institutions that represent the heart of this town- Temple is at the top of that list. Temple Health has been serving this community for more than 125 years, with a mission to care for all those who need it, regardless of their ability to pay. We celebrate this mission because it is who we are as Philadelphians – we believe in brotherly love, and at Temple, we deliver it. We also celebrate it and offer our community an impactful chance to be a part of it.

Temple’s founder Russell Conwell famously said, “Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them.” For 68 years, the Acres of Diamonds Gala — Temple Health’s annual fundraiser, and the longest-running fundraising event in the city – has honored that idea of supporting the critical work of Temple Health – ensuring all patients who walk through the door have access to highest level of care close to home.

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Care for patients like Joe Hindelang, who needed a heart transplant, but was turned away from other elite hospitals in the area. “They were quick to say, ‘if you’re over 50, you aren’t getting a new heart here,’” Joe said. “That’s when I turned to Temple.”

He found hope – and a new heart – when Temple’s commitment to inclusivity meant that he wasn’t ruled out simply because of his age.

Or a patient like Pamela, who looked to Temple for the health care that would affirm her gender identity and give her a new life – the life she wanted to lead. “Everyone at Temple was wonderful, and I’ve never been this happy,” she said. “I was able to wake up on my 40th birthday and become the new woman that I am today.”

For 68 years, our community has come together at the Acres of Diamonds Gala to say that care for these patients matters. This mission matters. But this is Philadelphia – the city of reinvention. This year’s Gala, on Thursday, May 18, will be a whole new ballgame.

We are stepping out of the ballroom and into the ballpark. At Citizens Bank Park, in the beating heart of South Philly, our healthcare champions will celebrate in the house of champions. The Temple Health and Phillies partnership and connection is a natural one. In baseball and in healthcare, you can’t win without a team, and Temple‘s team – exceptional physicians, caregivers and staff that provide world-class care to every patient who walks through the doors – many from some of the most underserved communities in the nation – is second to none. 

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Temple Health is a place of hope with leading-edge care for patients from our community, and across the nation.

In the heart of North Philly, and in campuses across the region, people who need help and hope find it at Temple. The Acres of Diamonds Gala will be a vibrant celebration under the lights of who we are, and what Temple does every day.

And this is Philly. We know how to rep. Philly singer and songwriter Lauren Hart and entrepreneur Todd Carmichael, Rhys and Jayme Hoskins and Jimmy Rollins are co-chairing the event. They will be at Citizen's Bank Park to meet guests and help raise the funds that support this critical mission.

The Diamond Award – Temple Health’s highest honor – will be presented to a group of Temple’s Community Health Workers. These members of the North Philadelphia community work to safeguard the health of their neighbors and neighborhoods, and this will be their moment to shine. And of course, it will be one incredible party, capped off with an exclusive set by Philly legend DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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Snap a selfie with Phillies 2008 World Series champion Jimmy Rollins and 2022 NLCS champion Rhys Hoskins, and dance to an exclusive set by Philly legend DJ Jazzy Jeff.

An incredible party… with Temple Health purpose – and one that is quintessential Philly. Tradition reinvented. Because this is who we are. We look out for our own, and care for them no matter who they are or where they come from. We can’t wait for you to join our Temple Health team when you party like a VIP at Citizens Bank Park on May 18.

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