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July 31, 2016

WATCH: 'All Nighter' roams Philly for scrapple, street ball

Elie Ayrouth takes tour of Philly's after-hours nightlife

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073116_ScrappleAllnighter Source/Tastemade

Elie Ayrouth drizzles syrup on a scrapple, egg and cheese sandwich.

Bars and clubs may not be open all night in Philadelphia, but that hardly prevents the city from accommodating a memorable all-nighter. Forgetting them is too easy. 

This week, food and travel network Tastemade put the City of Brotherly love to the test in the latest episode of their urban challenge led by Foodbeast's Elie Ayrouth.

It's always curious to see how out-of-town crews swerve around cliches or otherwise update them in their portrayal of Philadelphia. Ayrouth, a veteran of the 3 a.m. sugar rush, passes with flying colors in this segment.

"I'm in Philly and I don't want a cheesesteak," Ayrouth tells one of his hosts. "What's the next culturally relevant food that I can get?"

There are plenty of people who would be sorry they asked if they found out the answer is scrapple. This guy jets over to Little Pete's and dives right in. 

In addition to twilit strolls, a drag show and a 3 a.m. pickup basketball game, Ayrouth concocts a regretless dessert you'll probably want to try for yourself before the summer is over. All-in-all, a welcome variation on the usual Philly street tour, with an extra star for unnecessary hurdles during the obligatory Rocky run.