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December 25, 2019

Loud fight at Willow Grove mall prompted fears of active shooter

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Willow Grove Xmas Willow Grove Park Mall/Facebook

The Willow Grove Park Mall was the scene of a panic on Christmas Eve when a fight in the food court left some shoppers frightened about a potential active shooter situation.

Shoppers at the Willow Grove Park Mall were frightened on Christmas Eve when a noisy fight gave some the impression that an active shooter was inside the building.

Panic spread Tuesday afternoon when a fight broke out in the food court on the mall's third floor. When a piece of furniture crashed to the ground, many in the mall worried that a shooting was underway. Social media posts warned that shots may have been fired.

After a heavy police descended on the shopping destination, authorities in Abington confirmed there was no shooter.

A cause for the fight on Tuesday night was not given and no arrests were made.

The incident comes as the Cherry Hill Mall plans to enforce a "parental escort" policy on Dec. 26 in order to avoid commotion and chaos among juvenile shoppers.