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March 10, 2015

This winter was even colder than last

Data shows Philly's average temperature lower than the norm

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02102015_Philly_cold_AP Matt Rourke, File/AP

Below freezing temperatures and rough winds are forecast for Saturday and Sunday.

This winter is mercifully on its way out, as warmer temperatures have already moved in and are expected to stick around.

But before we all collectively kiss the cold goodbye and get ever so closer to complaining about how hot it is once June rolls around, let's reflect on just how frigid these past three months have been.

According to Gawker's weather blog The Vane, many eastern U.S. cities experienced much colder temperatures than average. Using data from The National Climatic Data Center, Dennis Mersereau compared the average temperature this past winter for several cities compared to the normal average temperature:


Philadelphia's average from the selected dates fell a solid 3 degrees Fahrenheit from the normal. That trend was similar to other East Coast cities like New York City and Boston. 

Conversely, as detailed in Mersereau's post, many western cities experienced one of the hottest winters on record. 

These unusually cool conditions are something we saw last winter as well. But, just like our fellow East Coast cities, this year was an even colder departure from the normal average:


As you can see, Philly was slightly colder this winter than last year, while New York City and Boston experienced more significant drops. 

Read Mersereau's full post here