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December 19, 2017

With or without Carson Wentz, this promises to be the merriest Christmas in years

The season is upon us, and for the first time in a while, there will be no coal in the green stocking by the chimney.

The bad news about Carson Wentz has been tempered by the play of Nick Foles, and there is every hope that he will be Saint Nick on Christmas night against the Oakland Raiders at the Linc, and the Eagles will get some rest before hosting two playoff games before heading off the Minnesota for the Super Bowl.

Too early for that talk, especially with the defensive issues?

Maybe so, but it is a happy December with the Eagles at 12-2, and with the spirit of Christmas as fuel, we offer these holiday chestnuts:


Don’t know which is more improbable – Keith Richards is still alive and playing his Telecaster as he turned 74 this week, or quarterback Tom Brady is still making miracles happen at 40.

Brady credits an incredibly healthy lifestyle and diet or his longevity. Let’s just say Richards ... does not.

Just goes to show you, sometimes the Lord just throws dice. Then again, how do those dice usually wind up a winning combination for Bill Belichick and the Patriots?


Wonder how many businesses will have mistletoe hanging at their office Christmas parties this year? Yep, kiss somebody under the mistletoe and you will find yourself in the latest headline about men doing bad things.

Probably better to just hang a picture of Matt Lauer from the doorway and let that be a lesson to all.


It's been a pretty good holiday season for the Philadelphia Flyers, who somehow managed to rebound from their 10-game losing streak by running off six straight wins before falling to the Kings, 4-1, Monday night.

The most remarkable part of the wild swing was the fact that you would never know from the emotions of coach Dave Hakstol whether the team was in the midst of a winning or a losing streak.

There is no Ho Ho Ho from Hakstol when the club is winning, and no Woe, Woe Woe when things are going badly. It’s not the sort of personality that endears coaches to fans in Philadelphia, but over the long haul, it is a more steady approach to the job.

There were those that thought Hakstol would never make it through this holiday season. Well, with a sleigh full of young talent already aboard and more on the way, you can be pretty sure Hakstol will be behind the bench next Christmas and beyond.


Okay, time for power rankings.

Forget the NFL, how about Christmas tunes?

Little Drummer Boy drum-roll, please ... 

And the winners are:

  1. The Waitresses “Christmas Wrapping”
  2. Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas is You”
  3. The Pogues (Kirsty MacColl) “Fairytale of New York”
  4. John Lennon “Happy Xmas (War is Over)
  5. Bing Crosby and David Bowie “Little Drummer Boy”

If you have any complaints, send your cards, letters, e-mails and texts to the North Pole.


Best Christmas gift ever? A pair of CCM Tacks as a 15-year old. It was a big deal that they cost almost $100, and you had to wait until your feet stopped growing to get a good pair.

A pair of CCM Super Tacks today costs $899.99 and it’s hard to find a stick under $75.00

Then again, there’s nothing like finding great gear under the tree. Wonder how many kids can’t wait to find that pair of Big Baller Brand sneakers under the tree on Christmas morning.

Didn’t think so.


The NBA had better hope Joel Embiid is up and running for the Christmas Day game between the Sixers and Knicks in New York. If the Sixers somehow hold the big guy out of that game they will make Scrooge look like Pope Francis.


Does anybody really like eggnog?

Then again, some people like Nickleback.


There was big news in Philadelphia last week when a cow escaped from a live nativity scene in Old City.

Take note, if a donkey is missing from your nativity scene he is holed up in the NFL’s New York offices counting his money and playing the role of commissioner.


Upon further review, Santa juggled the packages before he got all the way down a chimney in Pittsburgh, so no gifts for Steelers fans.


If the TV network is looking for some Christmas angles when the Eagles play the Raiders on Christmas night they could ask Jalen Mills to wear some ornaments on his green hair and pretend to be a Christmas wreath.


All we really want for Christmas is a Super Bowl ... and Mike Trout to come home ... and a Stanley Cup ... and the Phillies to be reborn ... and another national title for Villanova ... and no traffic on the Schuylkill ... and that dopey groundhog in the lottery ads to put on a pair of pants ... and free parking for sporting events ... and Skip Bayless to shut up ... and a smile from Seth Joyner ...

Well, this time the dream of a Super Bowl is for real.

Hard to believe Harry.

Marry Christmas!