Al Morganti

Al Morganti

Al Morganti is a co-host on The WIP Morning Show and a nationally renowned NHL expert, providing news and analysis on the Flyers for Comcast SportsNet. Morganti’s background includes serving as a Flyers beat reporter at The Philadelphia Inquirer, a hockey analyst on ESPN and a hockey news columnist and regular contributor to SportsNet 960. He also wrote for The Boston Globe and The Atlanta Constitution. Follow him on Twitter @nufced

June 18, 2019


Al Morganti: Do sports fans deserve a 'bill of rights?' And what is Flyers' GM Chuck Fletcher doing?

The situation on Monday night was even more maddening, especially for fans from Philadelphia who drove down for the game, and they sat through long stretches of clear weather. Didn’t seem to matter, because some radar screen showed rain was on the way….eventually.

June 4, 2019


Al Morganti: Matt Klentak must wheel and deal to pick up Gabe Kapler, slumping Phillies

If the Phillies are really going to be serious contenders for the postseason Phillies GM Matt Klentak has to use the start of June as the start of trade season. It should be a hat trick of starting pitcher, reliever and bench depth, and it should start quickly.

May 21, 2019


Al Morganti: Gabe Kapler has Phillies expecting to contend for rest of season

It seems incredible that Memorial Day is nearly here, but at this point it will be incredible if the Phillies are not in the same spot or better come Labor Day.

May 8, 2019


Al Morganti: If Sixers go out, they must go out fighting — not making excuses

The Philadelphia 76ers will arrive at the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday night facing elimination against the Toronto Raptors, but the real opponent will be found in a mirror. From coach Brett Brown, to star Joel Embiid, to Ben Simmons, the Sixers have to face their own issues.

April 23, 2019


Al Morganti: Would Kate Smith statue still be standing if Ed Snider were alive?

There is no doubt here that under Snider the Flyers would not have buckled under the pressure that came with the decision by the Yankees. However, Comcast deals in a much bigger, much more complicated world.

April 9, 2019


Al Morganti: Flyers close to breaking point with the loyalty of their fans

There are not many fan bases in all of American sports as loyal as the people who buy everything black and orange and pack whatever building serves as home base for the Philadelphia Flyers.

March 26, 2019


Al Morganti: Why the Phil Martelli firing was handled wrong in the age of analytics

The point here is not to argue whether or not Phil Martelli should have been fired. The bottom line is that nobody is owed a job for life, and many universities dismiss coaches every year. The looming issue is the manner in which the firing took place and one rather cold phrase from St. Joseph’s athletic director Jill Bodensteiner which read “. . . as basketball is an important strategic asset for St, Joseph’s.”

March 12, 2019


Al Morganti: Gabe Kapler must fight the urge to over-manage with Harper and Hoskins

This season Phillies' manager Gabe Kapler’s biggest challenge will be keeping the clubhouse happy and engaged, tweaking a pitching staff, and simply writing down the same names on the lineup card most days of the week and letting the big guys get it done.

February 26, 2019


Al Morganti: Flyers fans showed this weekend that Philadelphia is true 'hockeytown'

Although the city of Detroit has claimed the nickname “Hockeytown,” there has been plenty of evidence over the years that Philadelphia should have that title as fans continue to pour into venues season after season, although the Flyers haven’t won the Cup in a couple of generations.

February 12, 2019


Al Morganti: Has there ever been a better time to be a four-for-four Philly sports fan?

Welcome back to the word of four-for-four in Philadelphia, where the Sixers, Flyers and Phillies have managed to spring out from under the huge green shadow of the Eagles draw some of the spotlight in this sports crazy city.


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