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June 29, 2017

Who makes the fastest websites in Philadelphia?

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The main contributing factor to a website’s load speed is web development.

When you log onto your computer, you will do so with a plan of action in mind. Oftentimes this plan includes visiting a particular website or multiple websites. With where technology is at in today’s age, nothing is more frustrating than sitting and watching the computer screen slowly fill with the various parts of a website you are attempting to access. What’s more likely the case is that after several seconds of waiting for the screen to pull up the site, you’ll close out and try another similar site, never to return to the first.

Website speed is incredibly important. The speed of a page is determined by the web design techniques and the web development skills used to create the website. Certain features of a site may inherently contribute to its overall speed. Google, the world’s most prominent and powerful search engine, uses website speed as a contributing factor in its overall ranking process, and things like a site’s responsive capabilities are indeed taken into account.

Sites must maintain consistent download speeds on mobile phones and tablets as well. A website must be just as fast for new customers as it is for longtime clients using a custom website. The speed with which your business’s website opens and loads is the single most important factor when it comes to acquiring and maintaining customers.

The top reasons for a website’s slow speed

The main contributing factor to a website’s load speed is web development. It is the code that is most important, not the size or quantity of images and pictures on a page. Our website serves as a perfect example. Upon visiting our website, a video immediately loads in the background. There is little to no buffer time and the rest of the website loads simultaneously. Having no buffer time on our website is because of well-crafted code and competent web design techniques.

Our website is an example of a custom creation. If your website is running on a template platform, like Squarespace or WordPress, it’s almost guaranteed that you will have an inherently slower website.

The best way to measure the speed of your website

There are multiple ways to measure the speed of a website. One is simply trial and error. It’s often quite obvious if a website is slow or not. Google, however, now offers a more precise approach to the measurement of site speed. This service can be accessed here: Here, Google will analyze the code of your website. Upon completing its analysis, Google then provides you with a percentage score, ranking your site’s overall speed. We at Direct Line Development understand the importance of speed and the value it brings to our customers. We position ourselves as a web design company in Philadelphia that has the ability to generate business for our clients through online capabilities. If the sites we create are not up to our standards after using Google’s test, we send it back for web development work until the speed is improved and satisfies our site-launch criteria.

So, who makes the fastest sites in Philadelphia?

There are so many website design companies in Philadelphia that it is sometimes hard to differentiate among them all. We ran a study on the speed of the websites of Philadelphia’s top 20 website design studios. All of the sites were found using Google, but if you think that we missed a company, feel free to write in and we will add it to our list.

Did your web developer make the list? 

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