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June 15, 2015

7 dishes to try in Philly for National Lobster Day

Seafood Restaurants
Anastasi Seafood Anastasi Seafood/Facebook

Lobster diavolo at Anastasi Seafood.

You might think that a trip to Maine, or at least down the shore, is necessary to get the best lobster dish. But while the lobster options up north or along the Jersey coast are delicious, there are plenty of Philadelphia restaurants serving variations that are just as delectable.

So, in honor of National Lobster Day (June 15), here are seven lobster meals and sides at Philly establishments to celebrate with.

Lobster roll - Luke's Lobster

130 S. 17th St., Rittenhouse

Luke's Lobster
Lobster rolls at Luke's Lobster. (Luke's Lobster/Facebook)

This chain's Philadelphia location near Rittenhouse offers simple but delicious lobster rolls at a reasonable price. Buttery rolls with well-seasoned meat make these rolls a must. If you're with a group, try the Noah's Ark combination. It includes lobster, crab and shrimp rolls, plus crab claws, chips and pickles. 

Half chilled lobster - Oyster House

1516 Sansom St., Center City

Oyster House
Lobster served at the Oyster House. (Oyster House/

The lobster rolls are worth a try as well, but the Oyster House's awesome raw bar makes it stand out, and the half chilled lobster is one of many great selections the restaurant serves. Split the raw bar sampler with friends; it comes with that dish plus shrimp, clams and oysters.

Lobster diavalo - Anastasi Seafood

1101 S. 9th St., South Philadelphia

Anastasi Seafood
Lobster diavolo at Anastasi Seafood. (Anastasi Seafood/Facebook)

Your eyes do not deceive you. Italian and seafood flavors come together in this pasta dish. Huge pieces of lobster are served with long hots and spicy marinara over linguine. Anastasi's lobster bisque and rolls are highly recommended as well. 

Maine lobster bisque - Devon Seafood Grill

225 S. 18th St., Rittenhouse

Devon Seafood
Lobster bisque at Devon Seafood Grill. (Devon Seafood Grill/Facebook)

While most seafood specialists in Philly carry a lobster bisque, Devon Seafood is known for having one of the best. The $10 dish is generous on the lobster and can serve as a meal on its own. If you're feeling swanky, you can spend $56 on a full 2-pound lobster dinner instead, which, by all accounts, is worth every penny.

Lobster mac & cheese - The Capital Grille

1338-46 Chestnut St., Center City

Lobster Mac & Cheese
Lobster mac & cheese at The Capital Grille. (The Capital Grille/Facebook)

When this is a side dish, the main course has a lot to live up to. With tasty chunks of lobster perfectly blended with creamy cheese, this dish is both filling and irresistible. Paired with any of the other amazing sides at The Capital Grille, the lobster mac & cheese is the perfect sidekick to a juicy steak. 

Twin lobster tails - Ocean Prime

124 S. 15th St., Center City

Twin Lobster Tails
Twin lobster tails at Ocean Prime. (Kenny W./Yelp)

Simple, well-seasoned and cooked to perfection, the twin lobster tails served at Ocean Prime come with asparagus and are given a drizzling of drawn butter. Enjoy this meal with one of the restaurant's creative cocktails for a pleasant dining experience. 

New England lobster roll - The Happy Rooster

118 S. 16th St., Center City
Lobster Roll The Happy Rooster
Lobster roll served at The Happy Rooster. (The Happy Rooster/Facebook)

If The Happy Rooster does two things right, they are certainly booze and lobster. The rolls stuff a hearty portion of poached Maine lobster into a butter toasted Freihofer’s bun, and eaten with a glass of wine, a cocktail or one of the restaurant's bottled beers, it's a satisfying treat.