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March 19, 2015

Most NJ residents feel Atlantic City's best days are behind it

Others see light at the end of the tunnel

Most New Jersey residents think Atlantic City’s glory days are behind it, according to a Rutgers-Eagleton poll conducted last month. 

To gather the findings, researchers conducted phone interviews with 813 random residents of the state, and 63 percent reported feelings of hopelessness for the resort town’s future.

In addition, only 38 percent said they had visited the resort in the last year, down from 43 percent the year before.

But not everyone has given up hope for Atlantic City’s future – 25 percent of people polled think there’s more to be seen, including a big focus on non-gaming attractions to revive and redefine the tourism town.

One optimistic onlooker, DJ Fluffer, outlined a list of his top 10 reasons Atlantic City can make a comeback this year, published in Popfeeder, an online magazine featuring nightlife and culture in the city.

Some of his predictions aren’t looking too hot, like the shiny gray elephant balancing a ball on its trunk and causing a circus in Atlantic City – Revel.


But others show promise, such as Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center, which “is supposed to be the biggest and most technologically advanced in the Northeast and is slated to bring in tons of business,” according to DJ Fluffer, and free concerts on the beach.

Read the rest of his top 10 predictions and reasons here.