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November 19, 2020

How seeking addiction treatment close to home can improve chances of successful recovery — especially during a pandemic

Remaining local can also significantly decrease financial impact of treatment

Addiction COVID-19

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The road to addiction recovery is a journey — and starting somewhere close to home can provide patients with the extra boost of confidence needed to overcome their addiction for the long run — especially during a pandemic. Recovery Centers of America at Devon, located just outside Philadelphia in the heart of the Main Line, continues to admit new patients 24/7 with new protocols and procedures in place to protect the health of its patients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Protocols to keep patients safe

RCA protocols include routine testing for all RCA staff as well as testing all newly-admitted patients as soon as they enter for treatment via a GENETWORx Laboratory diagnostic test. This GENETWORx Covid-19 test is the gold standard of tests with 99% accuracy. While awaiting results, patients are separated from the residential living spaces of other patients. They receive round-the-clock medical supervision and participate in recovery-focused activities virtually until they receive their negative COVID-19 test result

Get Treatment Locally

When it comes to treating addiction, a patient’s support system plays a huge role in ensuring that they not only recover, but confidently move forward in living a happy, healthy life. By staying local, this support system is created and built upon throughout recovery and well into life post-treatment. RCA also recognizes that recovery affects the whole family, and offer support meetings, programming, and education to the loved ones of their patients.

Life After Rehab

An After-Care Plan is also much easier to create when you are already familiar with an addiction treatment center. This allows the person in recovery to continue visiting the same building, talking to the same people, getting referrals to known and trusted outpatient care, or being in close proximity to a sponsor when things get tough.

Participating in a non-local program removes the patient from the people and places they have learned to trust during the first part of their recovery journey. It can also have a significant impact on your wallet. Unlike Recovery Centers of America at Devon, many addiction treatment centers don’t provide transportation or financial assistance for travel, which can cause both financial strain and stress during an already traumatic time.

Aside from travel expenses, many insurance companies will not provide as much or any financial assistance in attending an addiction treatment program non-locally. Recovery Centers of America at Devon, however, is covered by most insurance companies, and also offers a flexible, interest-free self-pay plan, if necessary.

The Devon Difference

Providing accessible, local care is just one of the ways Recovery Centers of America at Devon gives their patients a comprehensive, holistic approach to healing and recovery. They know that recovery is not a one-size-fits-all path, and many patients will need specialized attention and a flexible plan. For this reason, they offer 24/7 medical care with a higher nurse-to-patient ratio than most other recovery centers, as well as a wide variety of programs as part of a patient’s individualized treatment program, including:

• PRISE: a program designed for patients that have relapsed
• Breaking Free: a program for patients with trauma
First Responders Program
• Evolutions: a specialized program for older adults
• Art, yoga, and music therapy
• Nutritional accommodations
• Biofeedback monitors help patients gain awareness and insight into their own bodies and triggers

Because safety and security are of utmost importance to patients and their families, all staff are trauma-certified, and all medical staff hold at least a master’s degree. The facility also offers a TSA scanner upon admission to their five-star accommodations, as well as a 24/7 medical team. For ongoing addiction treatment, they have Certified Intervention Specialists on staff 24/7 as well as Medication Assisted Treatment programs that provide those going through substance withdrawal with the help they need. They also offer telehealth outpatient care and test staff and patients regularly for COVID-19.

Recovery Centers of America at Devon works to create a holistic recovery experience that supports their patients from every angle, and they recognize that recovery is a personal journey that needs to be unique to each patient. For that reason, they offer a full suite of services that aims to fully heal patients, from the inside out.

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