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September 02, 2015

Back to school: After-school snacks that won’t spoil their dinner

The kiddos are heading back to school. That means backpacks full of supplies, homemade lunches and homework.

And when they get home, it usually means snack time. 

But their snack doesn't have to be a bag of potato chips or a sliced apple. You can have some fun with it.

Check out these after-school snack options you can feel good about feeding to your kids (and enjoy yourself if you'd like).

'Ants on a Log'

"Ants on a log" is a classic snack that is both healthy and tasty. Plus, it's easy to make and fun to eat. Just grab some celery, spread some peanut butter on each "log" and add the ants. I mean, raisins.

If your kid isn't a fan of raisins, you can use chocolate chips for a sweet treat. You could also substitute almond butter, cashew butter or even sunflower seed butter.

Hummus & Dippers

Hummus is a tasty dip that can be enjoyed with a variety of vegetables and other dippers. Try it with some pretzels or crackers. Healthy dippers include baby carrots, peppers, celery and cucumbers. Similarly, guacamole is another healthy alternative dip. 

Pizza Rollups

Pizza rollups are quick and easy to make. (Lindsay Livingston/

Oh, childhood snack memories. 

Pizza bagels, pizza rolls, Hot Pockets. Sure, you can still buy those frozen microwavable treats now, but why would you when there's a much healthier alternative that tastes good and is simple to make? Try making your own pizza rollups. Check out the recipe here

The roll-up can be filled with just about anything. Switch it up, and try one with bananas and Nutella.

Homemade popsicles

Making your own popsicle is easy. (File Art/iStock)

While popsicles are a classic snack for a warm day, let's be real – they're delicious any day of the year. The possibilities for refreshing homemade popsicles are endless. Local blogger Sally Quinn's three-ingredient recipe for strawberry banana popsicles is a perfect place to start. 

Quinn recommends purchasing an ice pop mold, but you can even use small cups or ice trays. Simply blend the ingredients, pour into your mold and freeze. These would be best to make on Sunday so they'll be frozen in time for the school week.

Happy snacking! And happy back to school.