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September 19, 2023

Anthony Harris Hasn’t Been In Better Shape

Football Anthony Harris
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We've all been eagerly waiting to hear about Anthony Harris and his future in the NFL. With the NFL season officially starting last weekend, Harris still hasn't signed with a team. But don't worry, he hasn't given up on his football career.

Harris has been working incredibly hard throughout the offseason and into the regular season to stay in top shape and be ready for any opportunity. He recently shared an inspiring quote on his social media: "No days off. We either take care of family, business, or body. That’s life." Clearly, he practices what he preaches.

He also posted a video of himself training on the football field with some trainers. In the video, he emphasized taking control of what you can and putting in the work to feel good. With his mindset and dedication, he's in the best shape of his life. If any NFL team needs a defensive back this season, Anthony Harris would be an excellent addition.

In addition to his training, Harris has been seen doing cornerback drills, catching footballs, and showing off his impressive vertical jump near the end zone. Some might even wonder if he could play offense with all the work he's putting in, but for now, he's still a defensive player. Making such a switch isn't easy.

It's surprising that Harris is still a free agent given his current condition, but it's unlikely to last for the whole season. In 2022, he started without a team but later joined the Philadelphia Eagles and helped them in their Super Bowl quest. Harris is not only a talented player but also a great leader, a valuable addition to any locker room.

Let's not forget Harris's generosity. He continues to give back to his community, playing football with kids in Richmond and organizing football camps at River City Middle School. He plans to return in 2024 to continue making a difference.

And for those who doubt his fitness, Harris recently posted a video of himself effortlessly reaching a basketball hoop's rim with a jump. He made it look easy and showed he's more than ready to return to the football field. There's no doubt there's a spot for him in the NFL.

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