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February 14, 2018

You can now buy Cheetos-flavored ice cream in Philly

Only available for a limited time

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Cheetos-flavored ice cream now exists at Big Gay Ice Cream Big Gay Ice Cream/Twitter

"CHEAT-OHS" ice cream exists for a limited time at Big Gay Ice Cream.

For many, Cheetos are a favorite snack. Those cheese-flavored puffs are just so good.

There is a drawback to eating them, however, and we're not talking about the calories.

Unless you eat your Cheetos with a chopstick, you're going to end up with sticky, neon orange dust all over your hands.

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If that's a pet peeve of yours – and you're an adventurous eater – consider Big Gay Ice Cream's newest flavor. 

Through Presidents' Day, the eatery will sell "CHEAT-OHS" soft serve. Yup, that's Cheetos-flavored ice cream.

Will you try it?

"CHEAT-OHS" Soft Serve

Available through Monday, Feb. 19
1351 South St., Philadelphia, PA 19147