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July 28, 2015

Buffalo snow piles still melting from last November

Eight months later, remnants of megastorm sit in an abandoned lot

Two years ago, as LeSean McCoy set an Eagles franchise record with 217 rushing yards in a snowy mess of a game against the Detroit Lions in Philadelphia, he probably didn't imagine he would be traded to a team that plays where old mounds of snow hang around well into the summer.

The city of Buffalo broke its own record last November when as many as 7 feet of snow fell in some parts of town. The storm prompted a gargantuan removal effort that involved transporting between 10,000 and 11,000 truckloads of snow to an abandoned lot, there to be piled five stories high.

According to the Associated Press, some of it is still melting, even as we're about to enter August.

Two large piles of snow, one of them the size of two school buses from end to end, still remain in that lot across from G&T Inn, where owner Eugene Kiszelewski tells his customers they will never be without ice, according to the report. At first glance, the piles appear to be earthen berms covered in soil and grass, but shoots of grayish ice can be seen gleaming through them.

After 8 months, the surrounding land resembles a swamp. Mark Wysocki, a New York State climatologist, says the dirt covering the compacted snow is insulating the piles from the sun's heat, while at the same time the ground below is heating up. He compared it to an Oreo cookie and said that the remaining snow could end up hanging around until it starts snowing again.

All to say, these sound like pretty ideal conditions for the former Eagle.