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February 25, 2016

Top SAT performers among Pennsylvania charter high schools

Chester County's Avon Grove Charter School, Philadelphia MaST Community Charter rank near best in state in 2015

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MaST Community Charter High School Street View/Google Maps

MaST Community Charter High School, at 1384 Byberry Road in Northeast Philly's Byberry neighborhood, ranked No. 5 among charter high schools in Pennsylvania for average SAT score. It ranks 193rd overall.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education released the 2015 data for the average SAT scores at high schools across the state earlier this month.

Among the 650 schools with scores published were 53 charter high schools. An additional 23 schools – several of them charter schools – were listed, but did not include average SAT scores.

The list below ranks the charter high schools' average 2015 SAT scores from top to bottom. Of the 53 schools on the list, 25 are located in Philadelphia. Seven of the institutions are described as cyber schools on the schools' websites. Those high schools are noted on the list.

A student's SAT score is a composite of three tests – reading, math and writing. On each of those three tests, students score between 200 and 800 points, for a maximum total score of 2400.

RankSchool NameLocationAverage ScoreStatewide Rank
1Avon Grove CSWest Grove161549
2Pennsylvania Leadership CSWest Chester
3Evergreen Community CSMountainhome1551102
4Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the ArtsBethlehem1501191
5MaST Community Charter SchoolPhiladelphia1500193
621st Century Cyber CSDowningtown
7Renaissance Academy CSPhoenixville1498198
8Lehigh Valley Academy Regional CSBethlehem1491211
9Capital Area School for the Arts Charter SchoolHarrisburg1484227
10Pennsylvania Cyber CSMidland (Cyber)1483232
11Lincoln Park Performing Arts CSMidland1477247
12Pennsylvania Virtual CSKing of Prussia
13Collegium CSExton1465285
14Commonwealth Connections Academy CSHarrisburg (Cyber)1443340
15Philadelphia Academy CSPhiladelphia1355496
16Tidioute Community CSTidioute1338510
17Agora Cyber CSKing of Prussia (Cyber)1336513
18Freire CSPhiladelphia1334517
19New Foundations CSPhiladelphia1304541
20Preparatory CS of Mathematics, Science, Tech, and CareersPhiladelphia1298545
21Achievement House CSExton (Cyber)1278552
22Boys Latin of Philadelphia CSPhiladelphia1229564
23Multi-Cultural Academy CSPhiladelphia1223565
24Roberto Clemente CSAllentown1212568
25Mastery CS-Pickett CampusPhiladelphia1206571
26Propel CS-Braddock HillsPittsburgh1201572
27Maritime Academy CSPhiladelphia1193576
28Community Academy of Philadelphia CS (1)Philadelphia1190579
29Dr. Robert Ketterer CS, Inc.Latrobe1184582
30Charter High School for Architecture and DesignPhiladelphia1159587
31Urban Pathways 6-12 CSPittsburgh1150589
32Keystone Education Center CSGreenville1148590
33Esperanza Academy Charter SchoolPhiladelphia1134593
34Eastern University Academy Charter SchoolPhiladelphia1129594
35Tacony Academy Charter SchoolPhiladelphia1129595
36Mastery CS-Shoemaker CampusPhiladelphia1124596
37Propel CS-HomesteadHomestead1123597
38Medical Academy CSCatasauqua1116598
39Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter SchoolPhiladelphia1115600
40World Communications CSPhiladelphia1099603
41Mariana Bracetti Academy CSPhiladelphia1090605
42Truebright Science Academy CSPhiladelphia1084610
43Helen Thackston Charter SchoolLatrobe1082612
44Math Civics and Sciences CSPhiladelphia1073615
45New Media Technology CSPhiladelphia1066619
46Olney Charter High SchoolPhiladelphia1058622
47Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partnership CSPhiladelphia1057623
48I-LEAD Charter SchoolReading1037630
49Universal Audenried Charter SchoolPhiladelphia1033632
50Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter SchoolAllentown1030635
51Perseus House CS of ExcellenceErie1014641
52Youth Build Phila CSPhiladelphia1001644
53Academy CSPittsburgh993645
The entire report can be viewed at the Pennsylvania Department of Education's website.