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April 30, 2015

Fan sends strange, anti-semitic conspiracy theory to Evan Mathis about Tim Tebow

When Tim Tebow signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, you knew there was going to be a media firestorm. After all, the news almost broke Twitter when it happened.

However, no Eagles player was likely expecting a wordy conspiracy theory sent to them revolving around Tebow after he came to Philly. Yet for Evan Mathis, that's exactly what happened.

Mathis tweeted a picture last week of a fan e-mail he received. It comes from someone who allegedly converted to Christianity after Tebow's time playing for the Denver Broncos back in 2011. The theory presented in the letter is essentially an anti-semetic rant on how everyone in the NFL is conspiring to ruin Tebow because of his faith. 

If you're in the mood for some crazy and offensive nonsense, here's the full transcript from Evan Mathis' twitter page:


A word of advice for this deranged football fan: Get out of the house once and a while.