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April 19, 2015

People are losing their minds on twitter over Tim Tebow

You thought Chip Kelly's Eagles were a media circus over the past few months of the offseason?

You haven't seen anything yet.

Tim Tebow, a man whose name alone incites intense reactions of both love and ire from fans, journalists and television personalities all over the country, will reportedly sign with the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday.

Eagles fans -- and pretty much everyone else -- are already losing their minds. 

(DISCLAIMER: Some tweets contain explicit language.)

From the optimistic:

To the dismissive:
To the converters:

To the confused and angry:

To the "I'll make the same joke everyone else is making and hope none of my followers notice":

To the silly and absurd:

The real winner in all of this, however, is a certain television network:

And one of that network's employees: