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June 01, 2015

Cosby calls 'the rape thing' sickening in 2011 interview

Audio of comedian ranting on sexual assault released

A 2011 interview with Bill Cosby features him condemning rape and molestation.

According to Radar Online, the interview was conducted as part of a potential documentary entitled "Bullying and Friends" by filmmaker Cassidy McMillan. While discussing the issue of bullying, Cosby talks about how he finds "the rape thing sickening," and goes on to compare rape to bullying. 

He also delves into issues of consent and questions those in authority who are responsible for looking into cases of sexual assault. Listen to the interview here:

Thirty women to date have accused Cosby of sexual assault and rape. The timeline of those allegations begins as early as the 1960s until the late 2000s.

None of the allegations have led to Cosby being charged.