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December 23, 2019

Cowboys got stuck in Philly after charter plane deemed 'not viable'

Philadelphia Eagles fans rejoiced on Sunday night after a 17-9 victory over the Dallas Cowboys put the team in control of the NFC East, a possibility that seemed remote only a month ago.

For the Cowboys, it was an ugly collapse on national television — the kind you want to get home and forget about ASAP.

But in an apt metaphor for their season, the charter flight meant to take the team back to Dallas got stuck in Philly because it was deemed "not viable" for several hours.

Head coach Jason Garrett, who may have reached the end of his tenure in Dallas, looked particularly miserable as the Cowboys sat listlessly on a bus awaiting a signal that they could get out of here. 

Suffice it to say, the trip home was not as smooth as the one they had to Philadelphia, if we rewind to Saturday. 

While the Cowboys finally managed to get off the ground around 11 p.m., their season is now on life support. They must defeat Washington and the Eagles must lose to the Giants next Sunday if they hope to advance to the playoffs. 

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The Eagles managed to knock of the NFL's top-rated offense on Sunday night despite a slew of in-game injuries   on defense. They got it done on offense with a cast of mostly unknown pieces assembled around Carson Wentz, who is finally beginning to resemble the player he was in 2017. 

Head coach Doug Pederson said after the game that his team has been in playoff mode since their overtime win against the Giants two weeks ago. They can't afford to lose again, and for whatever reason, that seems to be what the Eagles have needed to hit their stride.