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April 20, 2015

New device helps parents of newborns get better sleep

A Boston-based start-up is developing a device that could help parents of newborns get a better night's sleep.

Rest Devices has created the Mimo Baby Monitor, which streams audio and data from a sleeping baby to a parent's smartphone. The monitor – a onesie with a built-in sensor that is worn by the baby – collects information on the baby's sleep cycle and uses Bluetooth to send it to your mobile device

The total package costs a little over $200 and includes three onesies.

Dulcie Madden, one of Rest Device's cofounders, told CNN Money that the data that parents get can be used to adjust a baby's sleeping habits:

"They can also look at the past 10 days of data and see if they need to feed the baby closer to bedtime or not, or if they're putting the baby down to sleep too late. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible."

The company bills the device as one that doesn't feel unnatural or intrusive on the baby, and gathers data on a variety of things:

Mimo, is the first in-market smart wearable baby monitor, pushing data on respiration, body position, skin temperature, audio, and activity level real-time to a parent’s smartphone. The Mimo is a onesie-based product, so integrates simply and naturally into a baby’s sleep time routine.

Rest Devices, which launched in 2011, has already raised more than $3 million in capital and expects to be profitable in the near future. The Mimo Baby Monitor is the company's first product, but it expects to develop more parenting tools.