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August 10, 2016

Does Tim Tebow have future as a police officer at Jersey Shore?

Atlantic City Police Department tweets job offer to former NFL quarterback

Remember when Tim Tebow was a dominant quarterback at the University of Florida in arguably this nation's best football conference?

He won the Heisman after having a combined 55 touchdowns in his dual-threat, run-and-pass game, eventually leading to a first-round draft selection by the Denver Broncos.

Six years later, Tebow is better known for being famously Christian than playing professional football, his contribution to the NFL limited to fading memories of him striking his trademark praying pose known as “Tebowing."

If he's looking for work, the Atlantic City Police Department says it has a job opening for him. AC Police tweeted this out yesterday.

Tebow, a former Philadelphia Eagle, announced this week that he thinks he can knock off the dust from his high school baseball career and start hitting dingers in the MLB.

But if the soon-to-be 30-year-old's MLB dreams don't pan out, at least he has a career in law enforcement to fall back on.