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November 27, 2019

President Trump roasted for tweet of himself as Philly icon Rocky Balboa

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Trump Rocky @therealdonaldtrump/Twitter

President Donald Trump tweeted a photo of his face superimposed over the body of Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone. The image is from the cover of "Rocky III."

At a time when Donald Trump is facing the sharpest scrutiny of his presidency, he would like the world to behold that "gorgeous chest" he described at a Florida rally on Tuesday.

It doesn't matter one bit if it's not his actual chest, of course.

Trump tweeted a photo Wednesday of his own face superimposed onto the body of Rocky Balboa, the fictional Philadelphia icon whose underdog lore the president would like to employ as he faces possible impeachment.

The image apparently comes from a poster that was made by one of the president's fans.

Although the photo Trump used is from the cover of "Rocky III," Wednesday also happens to be, coincidentally, the anniversary of the release of "Rocky IV" – the one when Rocky defeats the Russian, Ivan Drago.

Whatever Trump's reasons for the tweet may be, he invited an avalanche of jokes at his expense. 

Philadelphia has seen plenty of Rocky appropriations over the years, but this might be the worst of the bunch. Anyone waiting for Sylvester Stallone to deliver Trump a knockout punch will be disappointed to learn he's a big fan of the president, however.