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June 02, 2016

Are the Eagles afraid of the Cowboys?

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What fan base has two thumbs and is the most delusional in sports? THIS ONNNNNEEEE."

Apparently, Eagles writers aren't the only ones who overreact to the Birds' OTAs in May.

A number of readers sent me a link to the Cowboys' SB Nation blog Blogging the Boys, who got wind that the Eagles were probably doing some scout team work to prepare for the Cowboys this season, via Eagles practice notes like this:

They somehow took that to mean that the Cowboys are awesome.

Preparing for the season in this way is out of the ordinary considering it's not even training camp yet, but the fact that the Eagles are doing this proves something very simple, the Cowboys are the team to be reckoned with in this division. After adding Ezekiel Elliott, it only puts more pressure on defenses to load the box in hopes of stopping the running game.

Uh, no. To begin, the Cowboys were 4-12 last season. So stop. But also, back in the Andy Reid days, it was commonplace for the Eagles to do scout team work preparing for all of their NFC East rivals. Seeing as Doug Pederson is essentially Andy Jr., it stands to reason he'd adopt Big Red's early focus on the rest of the division.

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