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May 17, 2018

Eagles' Jason Kelce tells NFL Network that fan put grandpa's ashes in teammate's hand during Super Bowl parade

It's not every year that the Philadelphia Eagles spend the offseason conducting interviews about the thrill of winning the Super Bowl and giving their fans the championship they deserve.

We might as well soak up our moment while it's here.

If you ask Eagles' center Jason Kielce how he feels three-and-a-half months later, he'd say Philadelphia still has a healthy appetite for more.

Appearing Thursday on the NFL Network's "Good Morning Football," Kelce discussed all things related to the Super Bowl parade and the epic speech that may go down as the city's finest.

In the flood of feel-good stories that accompanied the parade, Eagles fans probably heard the one about the Florida man who traveled to Philadelphia to scatter his grandfather's ashes.

Apparently, this man wasn't the only person to bring a loved one's ashes to the parade route. 

Kelce shared an apocryphal tale — confirmed too drunk to confirm — about one of his teammates coming up to him in a bit a of a panic on that joyous day. Host Nate Burleson said he'd heard about this and needed to know more. 

"Well, I wish there was more to the story and I wish I remember more of it," Kelce said. "But there were people that had urns there all over the place, up and down the street. At one point, I forget the player who did it because there was so much going on throughout the whole parade, but one of the players came up to me, one of my teammates. And he says 'Kelc, I don't know what to do. Somebody just put their grandfather's ashes in my hands.' And I look back at him and he's literally got ashes in his hands. And I'm like, I don't know what you should do, either."

What he should do now is come forward and reveal his identity. It's not Kelce's fault he was too drunk to remember. That was in service of the speech. Whoever accepted a handful of ashes would be an instant Eagles legend. 

The full interview is worth watching, but the most important take is Kelce's mindset. It sounds like he's got a new way of conceptualizing the team's underdog mentality.

"We've been a starving dog for 52 years and one bowl of food isn't going to suffice the appetite," Kelce said. "We're still very much hungry. We're still ready to get after it. And we're vying to repeat this year."