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February 12, 2023

Deebo Samuel calls James Bradberry "trash" as 49ers crybaby tour continues

The 49ers still aren't done complaining about the NFC Championship.

The 49ers crybaby tour made its way down to Arizona for the Super Bowl because, for some reason, they're still not over the blowout in the NFC Championship. 

Here's Deebo Samuel calling James Bradberry "trash" on the "I AM THE ATHLETE" podcast down in Glendale:

Yeah, LeSean McCoy doesn't know what they're still on about either. 

We detailed the increasing number of 49ers going on air insisting that the NFC Championship would've been a different game had Brocky Purdy's UCL not been torn the other day, but it's only getting more and more ridiculous with each passing day and interview. 

They lost...31-7...Purdy alone wouldn't have made up for Nick Bosa getting tossed around all day. 

Input from our own Jimmy Kempski:

Anyway, the Eagles will face the Chiefs in the Super Bowl shortly. 

The 49ers will be watching from home.

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