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February 08, 2023

Eytan Shander: Nothing is stopping the Eagles from multiple Super Bowl trips

Eytan Shander writes that the Eagles are in a prime position to contend for multiple Super Bowls going forward and shares his favorite Super Bowl LVII prop bets.

Welcome to the circus!

There is no calm before the storm that is the Super Bowl. I’ve been fortunate to cover four of these monstrosities, from Radio Row to Media Day. I’ve seen the idiot in the Superman costume, or purple wig, or whatever else sneaks through the back door. It’s madness and the NFL enjoys it. You see the hilarity ensue right away with Media Day, from the absurd question to Nick Sirianni about his daughter, to the apology to Jalen Hurts.

Welcome to the NFL’s version of the “calm” before the storm.

Peering through that madness, one can clearly see in the middle of all the swirling nonsense, a still and calm shot of the Eagles brass. It’s Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman smiling like Neo figuring out the Matrix.

The Super Bowl run for the Philadelphia Eagles validates a lot of things this year, but it sets in stone where the owner/operator (Roseman) stand around the league. No other combination is more successful and better at owning a team and operating that team.

Seeing Hurts and Sirianni and everyone else truly act like they’ve been there before  some have  should give you confidence about this team moving forward. That’s this Sunday and beyond.

I’ve been asked a lot over the past two weeks about what the Eagles did right where other teams failed in rebuilding a champion.

It’s an easy answer: get a franchise QB and own the interior part of the game.

I was asked earlier on Tuesday a different question about this team, at least maybe the phrasing. What is keeping this team from winning the NFC next year?



What makes this Super Bowl run so amazing  what stands out even more than the ridiculous play of Hurts or how fast Sirianni has impacted the game around him  is how easy they can just pick up and do it again.

Roseman and Lurie did so much more than just find Hurts the draft, hire smart and quick learning coaches, help the new QB with weapons, and add to the line. They ensured this thing is going to last.

The latest reminder in how dominant this tag team of Lurie/Roseman is came in them bringing back offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland. This is a huge vehicle to the team’s success, having the ability to manufacture top level protection for Hurts, no matter who is playing up front.

That stuff just doesn’t happen in the NFL.

Neither does this  winning a Super Bowl then saying goodbye to the winning head coach and defensive coordinator, and to a far lesser extent starting QB. Fill in all the variables you want, but teams just don’t win the Lombardi Trophy, then two to three years later start over, only to be right back in it.

That stuff just doesn’t happen that often in the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to beat the Kansas City Chiefs because Patrick Mahomes and that offense aren’t going to keep up with the Birds. It’s that simple. The win will be celebrated as a bunch of things, including the start of something new.

You wont find a more competent and successful group at the top of any football team right now than the Eagles. Add Hurts, the defense, the fan base and whatever the hell else you want that makes up the toppings to this masterful sundae.

Philadelphia is a city of trust, where we allow the process to take its course. None better than what we are seeing now and will see for years to come with our Eagles.

One more time this season... Go Birds!

Super Bowl Bets

The Suer Bowl has some of the most ridiculous stuff to bet, from the national anthem to half time to the Gatorade color. A lot of the player props can be watered down or just overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you only have to settle for a side. There are a couple of fun bets you can make with a good to decent chance of hitting, all keeping you in the game.

Here are my top-three bets for this year’s Super Bowl:

Longest reception 55+ yards (via DraftKings)

There are at least five to six players who can get behind the defense and catch this downfield. AJ Brown, DeVonta Smith, and Quez Watkins. You can certainly add Dallas Goedert deep middle. Travis Kelce and Marquez Valdes-Scantling on Kansas City.

Both offenses boast big arm QBs with play calling that demands big chances down field. If either of these teams happen to be down by a significant margin with enough time to make a run, then expect the chances to ramp up even further. Both coaches have an extra week under their belt to come up with some sharp plays, and we know both Reid and Sirianni to take some chances.

Each team to kick 1+ FG in the first half: +155 (via BetMGM)

That’s it. That’s the prop. It’s a fantastic gem we found at oddsshopper, one that I’ve been playing and winning in primetime games. These bets have been plus money every week for every team on the “yes” side, meaning each team will kick at least one field goal in the first half. The Super Bowl is the great equalizer when it comes to pushing the limits on when to go for it on fourth down. Both teams would prefer to rely on their QBs to pick up two to three yards on a fourth down, but leaving points on the field can kill anyone in this game.

Most teams will play it safer in the first half as they feel out opponents, especially in this game. You also have the two-minute warning which forces teams in their final possession to push for points  even if that means settling for a FG.

Both Kelce Brothers to Score a TD +10000 (via FanDuel)

Yes, this is a real bet. Maybe you haven’t heard but Jason Kelce and his brother Travis Kelce are the first brothers to ever play in the Super Bowl?? (You have heard. We all know.) There are a couple of other variations to this bet out there and this is the one with the longest odds. Travis Kelce scoring a touchdown is a pretty easy bet to get behind. He’s the Chiefs' main weapon going against the Eagles main (if they have one) weakness on defense.

Jason Kelce is on his way out, as this is his last professional football game to our knowledge. Nick Sirianni is one hell of a player’s coach, but also understands and respects the history that was provided by Nick Foles and Doug Pederson. No way Sirianni runs the Philly Special, but how about his own version?

Nothing says I got you like handing off or throwing to Jason Kelce, to one-up his brother in the biggest game of their lives. Talk about a parting gift.

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