Eytan Shander

Eytan Shander

Eytan Shander is a long time radio and TV personality in Philadelphia. In addition to his weekly column, you can currently listen to him on daily on The Middle right here on PhillyVoice. You can also catch him on FOX Sports Radio The Gambler, Awesemo.com and more. A lifetime Eagles fan, Eytan lives just outside the city with his wife. His Weimaraner, Ace, makes frequent appearances on his live streams.

Follow Eytan on Twitter: @shandershow.

October 13, 2021


Eytan Shander: How the Eagles can beat the Bucs; Simmons drama just getting started

A quick turnaround after the biggest emotional victory in this young Eagles season could spell disaster on Thursday night. The good news is that it’s home and Tom Brady hates everything about us and the team we represent. It’s kind of like Ben Simmons. I was blown away at how composed the offense was in last week’s second half, especially after being the main culprit in the first half.

October 6, 2021


Eytan Shander: Which Eagles players' stocks are rising, and which are cratering after first four games?

We’ve hit the all-important quarter (kinda) mark of the regular season, so break out the red pen and let’s do some grading!

September 29, 2021


Eytan Shander: Win or lose, the Eagles need to at least look like they give a damn

Atlanta feels like it happened last year. Halfway through the game in Dallas, it felt like Fletcher Cox’s first-quarter touchdown happened last month.

September 22, 2021


Eytan Shander: It's okay, this Ben Simmons nonsense is not your fault Sixers fans

It’s not your fault.

September 15, 2021


Eytan Shander: How the Eagles can continue to prove their doubters wrong

This was as refreshing of a win as it was entertaining. In some cases, we can collectively exhale that this offense has something in it, that Hurts and Devonta Smith can play. I can admit that whatever the head coach was doing this offseason worked, whatever they were doing preseason worked.

September 9, 2021


Eytan Shander: Buying or selling these Eagles theories heading into the season?

There are quite a few opinions about the Philadelphia Eagles this year, from how good they can be to which players have seen better days. One constant, however, is that we simply don’t know. And while that can be fun, it can also be maddening. So let’s sift through some of the bigger theories and offer a buy or sell to help guide you.

September 1, 2021


Eytan Shander: Simmons is as good as gone — and you're not going to like the return

Nothing changed. Maybe that’s the problem, but make no mistake, nothing has changed from the last time we had anything concrete regarding Ben Simmons leaving Philadelphia.

August 24, 2021


Eytan Shander: Jalen Hurts should absolutely start the Eagles' preseason finale

Jalen Hurts must play in the final preseason game against the Jets. It’s that simple. There is no way the Eagles can honestly say this is about giving Hurts a fair and honest look at the position without also giving him the basic preparation that comes from the preseason.

August 18, 2021


Eytan Shander: This city should know better than most, give Jalen Reagor some time

We don’t learn from our mistakes.

August 11, 2021


Eytan Shander: Please be patient with Eagles, no matter how they look in preseason opener

The reports have not been great.

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