Eytan Shander

Eytan Shander

Eytan Shander has been a local Philadelphia and national radio host for over a decade. He's currently on FOX Sports Radio - The Gambler in Philadelphia, and can be heard nationally on SB Nation Radio. Shander also covers the NFL and sports betting news for Bookies.com. A lifetime Eagles fan, Shander lives just outside the city with his wife. His Weimaraner "Ace" makes frequent appearances on his live streams.

December 16, 2020


Eytan Shander: If Hurts keeps winning, how can the Eagles go back to Wentz as starter?

The Philadelphia Eagles just dangled their new shiny toy in front of us like keys to a toddler. We all ate it up, and rightfully so. Because this season has been a far cry from us fans refusing to eat our vegetables.

December 9, 2020


Eytan Shander: Carson Wentz hardly the only member of Eagles to take a step back in 2020

This Eagles season has been a colossal waste of our time.

December 2, 2020


Eytan Shander: Is Eagles' Doug Pederson trying to go out in a 'blaze of glory?'

The lack of snaps wasn’t anything to do with Pederson being some buffoon who can’t figure out how to use Hurts. It was a deliberate message sent to his superiors. If it’s Howie Roseman and Lurie, or Lurie through Roseman’s mouth, Pederson played what little hand he had left, and made an utter fool of the owner.

November 25, 2020


Eytan Shander: Embarrassing Eagles, Jeffrey Lurie should follow Sixers example

Daryl Morey could really just swoop in and take over the city. At this point it wouldn’t even take making the NBA Finals. The Sixers have put themselves in a position of teacher as opposed to clueless. A lesson Jeff Lurie could learn from **double checks notes** Josh… Harris? Yes.

November 17, 2020


Eytan Shander: Eagles stink, but should not bench Carson Wentz

The Eagles stink.

November 10, 2020


Eytan Shander: Philadelphia fans must acknowledge and thank Union for recent success

This truly is a football town. No, not a Futbol town, but a fully immersed NFL city. It’s our identity. No matter how much pub Ben Simmons and his large friend Joel Embiid gets, we always come back to one thing. The Flyers go on a playoff run and it captures the city... for a week or two.

November 5, 2020


Eytan Shander: The tank is on for the Cowboys; should Eagles fans be concerned?

Jerry Jones is a disgrace. Mike McCarthy should have stayed out of football. Mike Nolan is a con artist who stole the defensive coordinator job away from many more qualified candidates. The team we love to hate is in one of the worst tailspins we’ve seen in professional sports. The abomination that is the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t have come at a better time as we hit the “Bye-Week Blues” this week.

October 28, 2020


Eytan Shander: Eagles might be bad, but this team is full of guys worth rooting for

The Eagles are not a good team. They aren’t fun to watch. It’s been difficult this season to understand some of the coaching decisions, as well as some of the throws from the QB. This is not a typical season in a typical year with a typical sense of home field advantage. Nothing is truly normal about anything in our world right now, and the Eagles are far from any exception.

October 20, 2020


Eytan Shander: Forget being deadline sellers, Eagles must go for division title

Here we are, Eagles fans. Locked in a miserable division and facing a quick turnaround on a short week. It seems like even with Andy Dalton showing his true colors, there is a sense of giving up that’s permeated some of the fanbase. That will not be me. I see no value in tanking – mainly because you can’t tank in the NFL – to improve draft status. Not with this team and certainly not with this current division.

October 13, 2020


Eytan Shander: If the Eagles can't win the NFC East this year, it's time to pack it in

Let’s stop firing everyone after every loss. I know it’s a huge ask from us, we shoot first and field questions after the fact. Like something out of one of those car insurance commercials, “it’s what we do.” But let’s be fair to the situation at hand, and truly add all of the facts in evidence.

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