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September 19, 2015

Eagles troll Chris Christie with mocking Cowboys cartoon

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Chris Christie: Green with envy.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has his hands full with Donald Trump right now in the Republican primaries, but that didn’t stop the Eagles from having some fun with him.

Ever since Christie sat next to Jerry Jones at The Linc last December and celebrated as Dallas took control of the division lead for good, he became very unpopular with Eagles fans. The vitriol on Twitter that night was through the roof. Even if the North Jersey native were a Giants fan (which he logically should be), there wouldn’t have nearly been the same level of objection. When two NFC East teams divide your state, there is something fundamentally wrong with supporting both of their biggest rivals.

In a pretty harmless way, the Eagles called out Christie’s bandwagon tendencies. Nice attention to detail with the red sweater:

Christie’s Wikipedia page says that he is also a fan of the Mets, Knicks and Rangers. Color me skeptical:

Cowboys fan

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