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January 24, 2017

Eagles will get input on offseason acquisitions from Carson Wentz

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Speaking to Angelo Cataldi in a radio interview on 94.1 WIP on Monday, Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas talked about a number of subjects, including (gasp!) the Eric Rowe trade, drafting for need vs. best player available, and whether or not Roseman is trying to rid the team of 'Chip Kelly guys.'

One other noteworthy nugget from the conversation is that the Eagles will seek the opinion of Carson Wentz on offseason acquisitions.

"The way the league rules are, you’d love to be able to bring him down and throw to these guys," he said. "That would be unbelievable. It just doesn’t work that way. But from our perspective, we want to make sure that he’s on board with some of these things, and he’s looking at some… probably more in free agency than in the draft, because it’s hard for him to get caught up on the draft prospects."

Initially, Roseman was asked what Wentz is like behind the scenes. Roseman was extremely complimentary of Wentz, with of course the disclaimer that Roseman's future will be directly tied to Wentz's success or failure.

"Incredible work ethic," he said. "Always in the building. Great leadership ability. Really looking forward to him putting his own stamp from a leadership perspective on this team, because he’s got that. He’s got that swagger, he’s got that confidence, incredibly smart. 

"As much as he was frustrated about the losing, at the same time it was easy for him to see the big picture. I think the other part about his leadership is that he has a vision of what it looks like as well. Being around some great players, that’s not unique to that, and I’m sure you guys can talk about that in other sports too. To have a guy like that who has the confidence and understands what we have and what we need, and isn’t afraid to voice it, we encourage that."

When asked if Wentz ever said that he was ever frustrated by his supporting cast, Roseman noted that he has not.

"I think the good thing about him is that he would never throw his teammates under the bus," Roseman said. "That’s not his role. That’s not his job, and at the same time, it’s our job to make sure that he understands that we take it very seriously, building this team around him."

After the radio interview concluded,  Wentz showed up, simultaneously coughing and saying "Cut Agholor," followed by, "What? Did someone say cut Agholor? I would never suggest that, but if that's what you think is best..." 


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