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August 27, 2017

Fans spellbound by Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff reunion at Livewire Festival

Can this please happen in Philadelphia?

One of the summer's most anticipated reunions blew fans away on Sunday as Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff took to the stage together to headline the Livewire Festival in Blackpool.

Yes, it's a shame this didn't take place in Philly, or at least somewhere stateside. The good news is there are plenty of photos and videos streaming in on Twitter from fans who raved about the throwback set. Who knew Smith the rapper had such a diehard following in England?

What matters most here is that the duo behind 1988's breakout "He's the Rapper, I'm the DJ" did, in fact, play the theme song to "Fresh Prince of Philadelphia." It was remixed with more percussion and lots of call and response to a crowd numbering 20,000 strong.

 A little "Boom! Shake the Room" for you. 

And, not to be overlooked, "Welcome to Miami."

Here are some scenes from the rest of the show. 

We would love to see these two take their magic back to its birthplace. Last summer, hard-touring DJ Jazzy Jeff gave PhillyVoice a lengthy exclusive interview and explained why he feels Philly is the toughest crowd to please. Wishful thinking here, but maybe the European show is just a test run for something more extensive in the U.S. 

Until then, we'll hold onto the memory of Smith's "Summertime" performance with daughter Willow at the 2016 Roots Picnic.