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July 01, 2015

Fed prosecutors say three sold counterfeit hair care products

Officials also alleged they did not make promised donations to breast cancer charity

Federal prosecutors say an Internet company based in Newtown Square sold luxury hair care products that were counterfeit, according to a press release.

The people behind the site face allegations they slapped high-end trademarks on products that were actually manufactured on the cheap by a Chinese company.

The company allegedly sold products under the brands CHI, T3 and Babyliss, which they were not authorized to do. In addition, prosecutors allege that the trio used “Breast Cancer Awareness” tags on their site advertising that $25 from every purchase of certain items would be donated to a prominent cancer charity. Prosecutors claim these donations were not made.

If convicted, Stephen Voudouris Sr., a co-owner of the site, likely faces between 33 and 41 months in prison. The other two defendants face sentences, if convicted, of 24-30 months. All three face the possibility of additional fines.