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December 08, 2016

Troegs Mad Elf included in beer-flight specials at Old City restaurant

The annual ale is brewed with honey and cherries


The Old City bar/restaurant Revolution House, at the corner of Second and Market, is throwing a party this Thursday, Dec. 8. The guest of honor? Troegs Independent Brewing Co.'s Mad Elf, an 11 percent alcohol by volume beer released annually.

Mad Elf fanatics wait all year for the holiday season to arrive so they can drink the new batch of ruby red beer tasting of cherries, chocolate malt, peppercorn and honey.

Revolution House will be serving specialty beer flights that include Mad Elf and other Troegs favorites at its festive event, which begins at 7 p.m.

Admission is $10, and it includes a beer flight and a raffle ticket to win a $25 Revolution House gift card.

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The flights are:

“The Grinch” | $5 

Troegs Dreamweaver
Perpetual IPA
Chocolate Stout
Mad Elf

“Ebenezer” | $6 

Mad Elf
Select one: "Mad Dreams" (Mad Elf mixed with Dreamweaver), "Chocolate Elf" (Mad Elf mixed with Chocolate Stout)
Select two: Dreamweaver, Perpetual IPA, Chocolate Stout

“Claus” | $7 

Mad Elf
"Mad Dreams"
"Chocolate Elf"
Select one: Dreamweaver, Perpetual IPA, Chocolate Stout

“Jack Frost” | $10

Mad Elf
"Mad Dreams"
"Chocolate Elf"
Perpetual IPA
Chocolate Stout

Besides beer flights, Revolution House will also serve discounted drafts, including:

$4 Dreamweaver (16 ounces)
$4 Perpetual IPA (16 ounces)
$4 Chocolate Stout (16 ounces)
$5 "Mad Dreams" (16 ounces)
$5 "Chocolate Elf" (16 ounces)
$5 Mad Elf (10 ounces)

Flights & Pints with Troegs Mad Elf

Thursday, Dec. 8
7-10 p.m. | $10 admission, plus first beer flight
Revolution House
200 Market St.
(215) 625-4566