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August 05, 2015

Francis shuttin' Philly down, the internet explodes

Best reactions to #PopeInPhilly traffic restrictions

Just in case you live under a rock that doesn't have WiFi, Mayor Michael Nutter finally announced the traffic restrictions and closures for Pope Francis' visit in September. 

The bottom line: A "traffic box," closures of several major highways, and some good old-fashioned scripture readings

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Here's a trailer that captures some people's reaction:

People also took to Twitter to vent over Nutter's announcement that cars will not allowed to enter a large bubble (make that a box) encompassing Center City and that the Schuylkill Expressway, Vine Street Expressway and other major roadways (more on that here), will be closed:




Unnecessary shot at Meek Mill

Appropriate Beach Boys reference

A holy commute 

Traffic box drinking game?

Non-drinking game

For more reactions, check out the #PopeInPhilly and #WMOF hashtags on Twitter.