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November 01, 2018

Teens can get condoms delivered 'discreetly' for free in Philly with this service

There's also free prophylactic pick-up spots for people of all ages

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You might not know this, but a branch of Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health launched an effort dubbed Take Control Philly that’s all about providing the tools and knowledge to promote safe sex in the city.

Its website is a solid resource, covering many sex-focused frequently asked questions like: How can I get tested for STDs? And how do I ask my partner to use a condom? And there is a contact form you can fill out with specific questions.

And while the website is ever-so slightly geared toward the sexually inexperienced and teens, it  offers the opportunity for teens aged 13 to 19 to receive condoms for free by mail in “a super discreet package” that “doesn’t say what’s inside or where it’s from.”

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Further, users are able to select your preferred type of condom, be it ribbed, flare-tipped, extra-large or latex-free. You can also opt for two female condoms to be included in your order or, you can select to have a variety pack delivered — if you like surprises.

To receive your discreetly-packaged free condoms, all you have to do is fill out your name, address, contact information, gender and birth date. Here’s where the iffy-ness comes in: I’m sure, if you’re reallyyyy in need of some free condoms, you could “accidentally” fill in your birthdate wrong, in order to fit within the 13 to 19 year-old boundary. But lying is definitely wrong.

It’s also worth noting that you can pick up condoms for free — no matter your age — at one of some 100 judgment-free pick-up sites all over the city. There’s a handy interactive map to help you find the closest spot near you, as well as the closest place to get a free and confidential STD check. These checks are especially important because, according to Take Control Philly, “Teens in Philadelphia are three to five times more likely to have an sexually transmitted disease than teens in other parts of the U.S.”

Naturally, the internet has something to say about this civic venture. Check out Reddit’s conversation below:

TIL The city will mail you free condoms if you ask from r/philadelphia

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