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June 21, 2016

Genius creates awesome recipe for Philly Cheesesteak Lasagna

Food reporter at South Dakota radio station puts twist on local staple

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062116_Cheesesteaklasagna Source/WIN 98.5

Cheesesteak lasagna.

One among the most advantageous traits a person can possess is unpretentious kitchen ingenuity, the ability to whip together such decadent monstrosities as the bacon explosion or pizzafied chicken. It fills up your home with delicious aromas, feeds the soul and signals that you're an open-minded cook.

Philadelphia owes a major debt of gratitude to Cindy Rippe, a food reporter at South Dakota's WIN 98.5 who has put together a step-by-step recipe for cheesesteak lasagna.

If there's anything even remotely problematic about cheesesteaks, it's that they aren't very good for you. That's not the worst thing. PhillyVoice contributor Bryan Bierman is writing an entire series — Bad for You — dedicated to the review of junk food, fast food, new food, weird food, candy and other edible guilty pleasures.

That said, the brilliance of cheesesteak lasagna is that it can be shared between a full family or eaten over the course of a few days. You don't have to inhale your recommended daily caloric intake in five minutes and you can even make it a meal, as pictured above, with a salad or something else a little healthier.

It's been a tough year for Philadelphia cheesesteaks after the city's best spots lost a totally rigged USA Today poll to a restaurant in Pittsburgh. This is a good opportunity to revisit the basic ingredients that make it our cuisine of choice. 

Check out the full recipe with photos here.