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October 31, 2016

Glenn 'Hurricane' Schwartz pens obit for NBC10's Sheela Allen-Stephens

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103116_SheelaAllenStephens Source/NBC10

Sheela Allen-Stephens.

One week ago, Philadelphia lost one of its most iconic media personalities in Sheela Allen-Stephens, a mainstay at NBC10 for the better part of 20 years. 

Best known for her exuberant presence on "Live from City Line," Allen-Stephens passed away at Bryn Mawr Hospital as a result of multiple health conditions. She was 73. 

After her passing, NBC10 meteorologist and longtime friend Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz wrote a touching obituary to the late great anchor. 

No one could tell a story like Sheela. We sometimes went to her favorite restaurant, a soul food place called "DeBreaux’s" at the Overbrook train station. It was a tiny place, with only a few tables. Sheela commanded the table in the middle, and would tell story after story. We laughed hysterically. So did the complete strangers who came in the door, who were immediately asked VERY personal questions. And they would answer them! Even if it was related to sex. Then that person would sit down with us, continuing the conversation while waiting for their food.

I once had a Saturday lunch there that lasted more than FOUR HOURS! And wasn’t bored for a second.

Funeral services for Allen-Stephens were held Oct. 29 at Sharon Baptist Church.

The entire piece from Schwartz is worth a read and can be found here