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March 07, 2017

Gov. Wolf says he's running for re-election in 2018

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Budget Matt Rourke/AP

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf speaks with members of the media Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015, at the state Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The 2018 race for Pennsylvania governor will include the incumbent.

Gov. Tom Wolf made the announcement during an editorial board meeting with PennLive on Wednesday, where he touched on many topics impacting the state's residents, including pipeline protests and health care, as well as his newly announced 2017-18 budget and President Donald Trump's travel ban.

In a Facebook live video posted to the news organization's page, Wolf makes the announcement at about 32:00 minutes into the interview.

"I thought I was very clear about this," he told the board. "I am running for reelection in 2018."

Wolf, who has not yet made a formal announcement, told the board that his 2018 run will be "a slightly different campaign" now that he's an incumbent.

"I've still been in politics a total of two years. I still live in my house that I was actually brought home to from the hospital. I still drive my Jeep," he said during the meeting. "... I think that I have done the things I said I was going to do to clean up Harrisburg, and I think I'm doing things as I said I would do to make lives better for Pennsylvanians."

A spokesperson for Wolf's office did not immediately return a request for comment Tuesday afternoon.