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October 31, 2019

Gritty visits CHOP for 4-year-old birthday boy who idolizes him

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Jack Gritty CHOP @GrittyNHL/Instagram

Four-year-old Jack Callahan was visited by Flyers mascot Gritty at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for his birthday on Oct. 30, 2019. His Halloween costume, naturally, was Gritty. The cake, by Whipped Bake Shop, was also Gritty.

A four-year-old boy at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia had his wish come true on Wednesday when Flyers mascot Gritty paid him a special visit for his birthday.

Jack Callahan, a Virginia native receiving cancer treatment at CHOP, dictated a letter to Gritty earlier this month telling the googly-eyed mascot that he was his biggest fan in the world.

In Jack's letter, he said he hoped to be Gritty for Halloween and meet him on his fourth birthday.

Not one to disappoint, Gritty showed up Wednesday and spent time eating cake and shooting silly string with Jack, who was dressed up as his favorite mascot.

In February, Jack's family learned that he had metastatic cancer in his pelvis that eventually spread to his lungs, according to FOX29.

Jack's uncle Ryan, who originally helped coordinate the social media campaign to get Gritty to CHOP, also posted a message of thanks on Instagram.

"Today was truly one of the most special days of our lives and we will never forget Jack’s smiles, laughter and pure joy on meeting his favorite mascot, Gritty," Jack's uncle wrote.

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