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November 02, 2015

Gus the Groundhog is back as Pa. Lottery mascot

Reaction to his return is mixed

Lottery Mascot
Gus the Groundhog Pennsylvania Lottery/Twitter

Gus the Groundhog is back.

Pennsylvanians may remember an eerily realistic, nasally voiced mascot that graced their television sets for years before going into hibernation in 2012. 

It's Gus, of course, the state's "second most famous groundhog" (behind Punxsutawney Phil) and spokesman for the Pennsylvania Lottery. Still not ringing a bell? Here's a refresher: 

Well, after a "semi-retirement," Gus is back. State lottery officials announced Monday that the lovable (or incredibly irritating) and furry ad-rep has returned. 

In a news release, the lottery announced that Gus would return as the mascot for the state's instant games after "popular demand" for him to come back, referencing his famous catch phrase "keep on scratching!" 

Reaction on Twitter was mixed. Some were not thrilled:

Others were excited: 

Ready or not, he's back, and he's already on Twitter himself: