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August 03, 2016

Han Dynasty serves up a Trump special

Restaurants Han Dynasty
Handy, nasty Han Chiang/for PhillyVoice

A Hillary Clinton special is on its way.

Han Chiang has one of the biggest personalities in the Philadelphia restaurant biz. The chef/owner of Old City’s popular Han Dynasty is known for his creatively, sometimes devastatingly spicy, dishes and colorful tableside manner (oh, and for that ribald domain name:

This week, Chiang's getting political with his new special, an orange chicken entrée called “Mandarin Trump.” Depending on which Facebook ad you’re looking it, it’s either subtitled “white meat only” or “orange cock.” The dish is available starting today, Aug. 3, and costs $12.95.

I pinned him down briefly on Facebook and asked, what doesn't he like about Donald Trump?

“I actually love Trump, but I f---ing hate racists!!!” he said. (Censorship ours.)

At this point, I told him he was an enigma.

“LOL, is that bad?” he responded. “Don't think Hillary is gonna have it easy. I'm thinking of one for her, too.”