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December 02, 2016

Here are the most Instagrammed places in Pennsylvania

What are the most Instagrammed places in Pennsylvania?

It's no surprise that Philadelphia landmarks and tourist traps dominate the list, but one local university snagged a top spot, too.

USA Today took a look at the top five most geo-tagged places in each state across the country on the popular social media app Instagram and published the results Thursday. Only one spot outside of Philadelphia made the list.

Across the world, USA Today found the most frequently tagged spots among Instagram's 500 million users were Disney Theme Parks, University Studios Theme Parks,  Central Park and Times Square in New York City along with Eiffel Tower and Lourve Museum in Paris and the Las Vegas Strip.

Instagram's most popular filters were Clarendon and Gingham while the most popular emojis were hearts and the smiley face with heart-shaped eyes. Users shared the most on Halloween and 9/11.

But for Pennsylvania? The LOVE statue, Pat's, Geno's and the Liberty Bell didn't even make the list.

Turns out Pennsylvanians and the state's visitors just couldn't resist bragging about going to Phillies and Eagles games. And of course, they climbed the Rocky steps for the gram.

Check out the full list here or Pennsylvania's top five below: 

5. Temple University

4. Citizens Bank Park

3. PNC Park

2. Lincoln Financial Field

1. Philadelphia Museum of Art