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May 09, 2017

Here's why it feels like a crisp fall day outside

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Autumns Colors Larry Albee/Longwood Gardens

Fall foliage makes Longwood a pretty site every autumn.

Corn mazes, apple picking and pumpkin spice are all nice, but not preferred during the second week of May.

Tuesday's high will only reach 63 degrees in Philadelphia – a chilly change from last week's temperatures that rose up to 70 degrees.

The National Weather Service reports that the low will drop down to a cool 48 degrees. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are expected to hit 67, 66 and 65 degrees while lingering in the high 40s at night.

Saturday and Sunday's highs will be even cooler at 63 and 66 degrees with a chance of precipitation in the forecast.

So what gives? The cooler weather is all thanks to "a vortex of chilly air in the jet stream," according to AccuWeather.

"The jet stream is a fast river of air at the altitude in the atmosphere where jets cruise. When the jet stream breaks off and forms a circle (vortex), cloudy, chilly, windy and showery weather can linger for days," AccuWeather meteorologist Alex Sosnowski wrote. "Sometimes the pattern can produce wet snow, like what occurred over part of the Northeast this past weekend."

While there's far from any snow in the forecast for the region - and the region's not exactly seeing the 50s that are expected in New England – the cooler temperatures are quite a change from last week's warm rays.

The good news is that a warm-up is expected next week, with Monday's high expected to reach 70 degrees.

Check out the full forecast here.