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October 02, 2017

Honeygrow launches spinoff dining concept that may save you from long lunch lines

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032616_Honeygrowstirfry Honeygrow/Facebook

Stir-fry from Honeygrow.

It’s been five years since the fast-casual stir-fry destination Honeygrow opened its first storefront in Philadelphia. 

Since then, the Fishtown-headquartered chain has opened eight other locations in the Philly area and more than 20 across the nation, welcoming hoards of lunch-rush lines every day.

Now Honeygrow has announced a spinoff concept, and though its first operation will be in New York, it’s slated for a Philadelphia storefront later this year or early next year, too. 

Its name: Minigrow.

Minigrow will pull a lot of the basic tenets that make the lines at Honeygrow pour out the door, though the new concept will attempt to mitigate said lines by cutting down the menu and saving space by using less equipment. The menu for the New York store, slated to open Oct. 30, will include mazemen noodles, juices and Moroccan mint dark chocolate bars, according to Eater.

Protein offerings with the noodles will include salmon, slow-roasted pork, chicken, crab and marinated tofu.

Minigrow stands by Honeygrow’s promise to offer house-made dressings and sauces, as well as no frozen foods. The signature offering at Minigrow is the Katz’s Chicken Jawn (yes, even on the New York menu), which will include chicken, black truffle, Parmesan and miso corn.

Honeygrow has been up to some other company innovations lately, incorporating virtual reality training to prep its new employees on the ins and outs of the behind-the-counter hustle.