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February 07, 2024

How can Immigrant Invest help you obtain EU Golden Visas?

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Immigrant Invest is a consulting firm founded in 2006 that specializes in citizenship and residency by investment programs. The company has a 99% success rate due to its internal compliance department conducting thorough preliminary checks, which minimizes the risk of application rejection to 1%.

In an exclusive interview, Elena Ruda, Chief Development Officer at Immigrant Invest, shares insights into the company's approach to assisting clients in obtaining EU Golden Visas and other investment-based citizenship and residency.

Why do people trust Immigrant Invest?

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent for various citizenship and residency investment programs, holding specific licenses for Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, and Malta. We have undergone enhanced due diligence by EU and Caribbean government authorities, ensuring a high standard of compliance and reliability in our services.

What are the common challenges clients face when they contact Immigrant Invest?

Our clients often face difficulties navigating the complicated residency and citizenship requirements, understanding diverse legal requirements, dealing with the different countries' immigration laws, and making sure to comply with international standards. Immigrant Invest provides expert guidance and helps clients overcome these obstacles.

How does Immigrant Invest assist clients in obtaining Golden Visas?

We develop individual solutions to remove visa restrictions for our clients, create a safe haven for them, legally reduce their taxes in foreign jurisdictions and support them throughout the immigration process. Our lawyers conduct due diligence checks, as well as prepare and translate the necessary documents.

We have offices in Austria, Turkey, Malta, Portugal, Grenada, and Cyprus, offering clients the ability to schedule a meeting either online or at one of these offices. We provide access to various programs in the EU and the Caribbean, such as Portugal, Malta, Spain, Cyprus, and more than 20 other countries.

What benefits do clients gain by choosing Immigrant Invest for their Golden Visa obtaining process?

Immigrant Invest clients receive personalized solutions for visa-free travel, asset and business protection, and improving quality of life, coupled with long-term support for passport renewal or residence permit extension. They gain access to valuable information on the freedom of travel, asset protection, quality of life and safety of different countries, provided by our Passport Index.

Could you share some examples of how Immigrant Invest has successfully helped clients with their Golden Visa applications?

Immigrant Invest has assisted numerous clients with diverse backgrounds in successfully acquiring Golden Visas. Examples of successful cases include helping a single mother obtain a Spain residence permit, securing Cyprus permanent residence for a Brazilian citizen, and facilitating a Digital Nomad Visa for relocation to Portugal from Australia.

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