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October 07, 2016

It appears as if Joel Embiid has officially made his nickname ‘The Process’

Anytime that Joel Embiid is made available to the media, he is usually good for at least one “trust the process” within his answers. This is done on purpose, unlike him spilling water on his jersey last night:

Recently, it seems that Embiid has even taken his fondness for The Process a step further. From the Daily News’ John Smallwood:

EARLIER THIS WEEK, Joel Embiid asked longtime Sixers public address announcer Matt Cord to add his new self-claimed middle name "The Process" to his official introduction.

Taking a glance at Embiid’s Instagram page, we can see that this isn’t a joke. He is actually calling himself “The Process”:

What do we make of this? Embiid’s self-awareness is charming, he is actually the most important part of “The Process,” and it’s very difficult to think of a perfect nickname. I think I like it for those reasons, but you may disagree.

What say you?

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